Avis have updated their app in Australia with new “Avis Now” functionality which offers a new range of rental controls direct to users on their smartphone.


Said to be the first to offer this technology in Australia, and initially launching in Brisbane and Adelaide with other markets to follow the app gives a simple level of convenience to the car-rental process.

The app offers personal profile customisations for the user, and will send real-time car availability information and location to your phone to save you time at the pickup.

You can also see all your rental details in a single screen, and confirm, even view the rental agreement in an instant.


Fully itemised receipts are available in the app, plus you can swap, exchange or upgrade your car in the app – or extend your rental.

To complete your rental experience, the return process is one touch and there’s no interaction with staff required.

All this app effort helps minimise the reliance on staff at rental locations, and offers flexibility to customers.


Judging by the promotional tape for Avis Now in the USA where renters can lock and unlock cars via the app, as well as flash the lights of your car so you can find it on the lot – there’s more possible features to come too.

Managing Director of Avis Australia, Kaye Ceille, said the app revolutionises the way people hire cars in Australia. “Today’s savvy travellers want the ease and convenience they get with other mobile apps, whether they be banking, shopping or other services,” she said.

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“We worked closely with our customers to design the new rental process around their needs and wishes, and the result is an app experience that is more convenient, quicker and more personalised.

“When we launched this product in the United States, we learned that customers really enjoyed the ability to view available cars in real-time and exchange or upgrade their assigned car before arriving, or while at the car park. Customers also appreciated the ability to confirm, cancel or extend reservations and view their rental agreements at any time,” Ms. Ceille said.