At CES in Las Vegas we have stumbled across a product that would help those who stumble every now and then. Called the “dring”, this connected cane is going to help you and loved ones take care of the cane carrying person.

The walking cane looks and feels just like an ordinary walking cane, they come in a range of designs too. But the beauty of it is what it is capable of.


The dring has sensors built in that detect whether it falls over or is hit. This would technically happen mostly when the person using it does the same. If a fall is detected the cane can send an sms, email or call their carer so that something can be done about it. The notification will also include the location of the cane (the person using it) thanks to GPS tracking. The GPS tracking feature also comes in handy if you simply want to know where your cane bearer is. This can be helpful if they are known to go missing from time to time.


The cane does not require a smartphone to function, this is crucial as our elderly are generally not smartphone users. Simply setup the cane once and the rest is simple, it will need to be charged every few weeks.

It is coming to market, in the US for now however it will see Australian shores if appropriate deals are done.

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