Meet one of the best kids gadgets of CES

During a walk around of the CES show floor we saw a rubber ducky like no other. This is the smarter, beyond 2000 version. It still looks and feels like a rubber duck of the 90s but it is slightly improved.


Edwin is the name of the duck and Edwin can do the following:

Edwin has bluetooth and connects to your iPad or other tablets, the apps for Edwin the duck are educational, entertaining and fun. Some are around literacy, some are games, and some are just handy for putting you to sleep with carefully selected music.


Like a traditional rubber ducky of the days past you can still use it in the bath! It’ll float, play music, flash lights but more importantly it will measure the water temperature and send alerts to your phone if the water is too hot for your child.

In the US this product is selling for $50 and distribution to Australia has been confirmed so expect to see it in stores soon.


As part of CES we have been giving out awards to some of the best products on the show floor. Edwin the Duck wins the “Bloody ripper idea!” award.

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When Geoff is looking away from the screen he can be found holding a glass of red wine, spending time with friends and/or watching the Formula 1.

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