At CES in Las Vegas coffee is generally a permanent requirement, the problem is that in the US it generally is very poor black sludge. What the Americans have managed to do well however, is create a product to care for your coffee.

When we’re back in Sydney our mornings will usually start with a walk to the coffee shop by the office. If you buy a large cappuccino you may find it is quite cold by the time you get to the bottom, especially if you have had interruptions of calls or early meetings. There is a solution to this and it looks and sounds amazing.


Enter Ember. Ember is a coffee cup that will care for your coffee (or tea) for you. This battery powered coffee cup has a base that can turn like a dial, that dial is turned to set your ideal coffee temperature. The cup will hold the contents of your cup at that temperature until you’re finished. The first sip will be as good as the last. That is a pretty great feature.

Ember also has bluetooth to pair with an app on your phone. This allows you to set temperatures, name your cup and a couple of other basic things. The cup itself can display most things though, including checking the battery life. Speaking of battery life, it will keep you coffee or tea at a set temperature for two hours. From there you’ll need to charge your phone on what looks like a drinks coaster, conductive charging will get the cup ready for that next brew.


The cup itself has a good design, the top has a push to close, push to open lid however there is no single spout for the opening, it is a 360 degree lip which means you can just push the lid open and take a sip, from any part of the opening. Watch this commercial.

The Ember cup is available in the US from most Starbucks (of all places!!!) yet it can also be purchased online if you’re keen on getting one shipped to Australia.

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