Three years ago Dong Nguyen – the man who created one of the most popular games of the time – caused a stir when he removed it from all the App Stores. Now the Flappy Bird creator is back with another crazy fun game for iPhone and Android.


Back in 2014 Nguyen cited the addictive nature of Flappy Bird for his decision to remove it from the App Store.  There were also reports of him being unable to cope with the unprecedented wealth that was coming in from the app’s advertising revenue.  With hindsight you’d argue it was a great PR move – but we’ll never really know:)

Well, he’s released a few since, but he’s just released a brand new one – and you’re going to love it.  Ninja Spinki is as simple in concept as Flappy Bird, but a whole new mechanic.


Essentially you’re this little Ninja, you move from side to side on a single axis, and you complete challenges that involve avoiding obstacles, and in some cases jumping over them.

Very Very Simple.

The genius here is he’s made the challenges simple, a few attempts and you’re done. Once done, each challenge has its own endless mode – so you can play forever to get a high-score.

Ads let you resume your game...

Ads let you resume your game…

Oh and he’s clearly ok with the advertising dollars hitting his bank account, there are in-app ads if you want to continue from somewhere you lost a life.  Simple.  Smart.

Bloke is a genius.

Available on Android and iOS