Stop the presses, this is awesome.  The Galaxy Zega Virtual Tank wars is a combination of things that can start at just $149.95 and promises hours of fun.

As a starter you just need to choose a two car set – $149.95 buys you Leo and Gondar (Blue and Red cars) or Razor and Puck (Green and Grey cars).

These little cars, or tanks (they run on tracks not wheels), pair via Bluetooth to the Zega app on your iOS device.


Because they run on tracks they are able to turn on a dime so manoeuvrability is fantastic. You could easily build a course or track out of anything you like, including driving over things like books or rugs.  They are quite versatile.

Key to the “gaming” of these cars is the ability to “shoot” your opponent.  Whatever you are facing, you can shoot – a light flashes and if a car was on front of you it is “hit” and will spin and lose a life.  The number of lives is indicated on the top of the car.


Add in the Battlefield for another $149 and you can build a space to play in.

Walls can guide a track course, while you can add spinners for complexity and even add an X-base which is a virtual tile that can add new life, powers or skills to your car as you drive over it.


The Galaxy Zega is available now at Apple Stores and will be a hit this Christmas for anyone lucky enough to get one!