During CES in Las Vegas we spoke at length with Whirlpool about the new appliances coming in 2017. Things that we knew before was the everything will be internet connected, but we found out why and what it meant in the real world.

It’s easy to get lost in the hype of wanting an internet connected oven because… why not, we just want one. We now know why.

Whirlpool is app connecting their appliances. What this mean is a simple scenario, meet Jimmy.

Jimmy goes to Woolworths, long day, just wants a meat pie for dinner and to watch the telly. He buys a pack of Four n Twenty pies, pulls his Whirlpool app out at the store, scans the barcode. The app will then tell him how long it needs to spend in the oven and starts to warm itself up. Yes, the oven which you aren’t even near will turn on to be ready for those pies when you get home.


A pizza was used at CES but for Aussie’s we know it should be a pie

Whirlpool has worked with the brands of frozen food makers, has all the cooking instructions and knows what that pie requires. Literally thousands and thousands of products will be recognised at launch. Anyway, you get home, throw the pie in the warmed oven and you’ll be notified when it is ready. If you’re still in the shower the oven will switch to a warming mode automatically to make sure it isn’t burned.

This is why internet connected appliances will make our lives easier, they’re here to help us. Let me give you one more simple example.

Jimmy needs to do a load of washing on Saturday. Doesn’t do it often, is usually confused by how much softener to put in, how much powder to put in etc. With the new smarter appliances you wont have a load by load input of this product, it’ll be in a “tank” in the machine. The machine will then weigh your items, add the required amount automatically and the cycle is done to perfection. Oh and if you forget to take those items out immediately, the machine will spin them around every so often to avoid that crunched look on your clothes. How kind.


This isn’t a dream, this isn’t a fantasy, this is the real way that the internet of things will work in your home and they will be available during 2017.