Every year at CES there’s something that steals the limelight, sucks the oxygen out of its competitors rooms, and sometimes it’s weird and whacky, other times its something innovative and new.  It’s been a while since a TV stole the show, and LG reversed that trend with their Signature OLED W series this year.

I’ve got a 2016 model top of the range flat-screen TV in our lounge room at home – love it.  Went to the trouble of getting it wall mounted.  Looks ace.

A modern and thin TV might be one, maybe two centimetres thick. Then you wall mount it, and with a good mount it’s maybe four centimetres off the wall.

Well, lets hope your mate doesn’t get the LG Signature OLED W.  It’s 2.57mm thick.  That’s MM to CM!


But of course, then it has to be wall-mounted.  Unfortunately, that does add some thickness.  Takes it to about 4mm.  Outrageous.

Seriously though, wow.  The W stands for Wow.  I thought Window, maybe Wallpaper, but no, it’s Wow.

They’ve had it on display on a glass wall, a gyprock wall, it looks good in any setting.

Behind the TV is a ribbon wire that runs down or through the wall.  That ribbon connects to a large soundbar, which is also the guts of the TV.  Plus, it’s a high-end Dolby Atmos enabled soundbar.


And this isn’t a concept.  It’s on sale in the US for $8,000.  Now if that means in Australia it starts at $15,000 – I’m fine with that.  Frankly, $18,000 will be HIGH, but I think for the first three months of retail – fine.

This TV stole the show, LG’s stand at CES 2017 has been packed from open to close for two days and it will likely continue that way for two more days.


We reckon the LG Signature OLED W series is the Best of the Best at CES 2017.