CES is always home to the weird and wonderful, but Razer has upped the stakes this year with project Valerie.img_0848

This 17-inch gaming laptop has one very noticeable and bizarre feature: it has three screens. Yep, three. The thick casing houses two additional screen that slide out on either side of the main monitor.

Valerie has a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, which is the top of the line currently available. The three displays use G-Sync tech, also from Nvidia, to match the refresh rate and output.


As you might imagine, it’s an absolute monster even by the standards of 17-inch laptops. Valerie is around 4cm thick and weighs a good five and a half kilos.

This is very much a concept device — you won’t see it in shops any time soon — but it’s certainly proving that even a venerable product like a laptop can still be redesigned with a few surprises.