At CES in Las Vegas we stumbled across a very small, simple and innovative idea. It’s a tiny disc, with a battery, bluetooth and a temperature sensor.


Called the Tempi, this little gadget can be worn, it could be placed somewhere in the house and via bluetooth it can measure humidity and temperature. Some applications for this include:

  • Sticking it inside the pram, keep an eye on the temp during a walk in the sun. Even with the cover closed it might be too hot for your child
  • Wine. We spend a lot of money on wine, yet you keep it in the cupboard. Wine storage done well needs to be consistent and cool. This is a great to keep a pulse check on where you keep you wine so it isn’t spoiled.
  • You’ll think of others.


The Tempi is a single task focused gadget and we like it that way, it doesn’t need to command my air conditioner to turn on if it is hot, it just needs to inform me so I can make a decision.

The Tempi will store one month of temperature and humidity data per sync with battery life of up to one year. It works with iOS and Android and will be available on pre-order very soon.

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