BlackWolf is one of the higher end manufacturers of camping gear in Australia. Trust me I know, I own a BlackWolf tent that has withstood some unbelievable weather conditions.


Now BlackWolf has in a way reinvented the humble swag. A typical canvass style swag is often heavy and way too cumbersome to take on say a hiking trip.

The new Ryebuck Lite is innovation at its best. There’s no normal foam mattress seen in traditional swags, you can choose one to suit your needs best. This reduces the overall pack size by almost 70%.


It uses two poles to hold the whole shelter aloft and can be packed away to a size of 60cm X 20cm X 20cm. Perfect for hikers or those who are into motorcycle style camping.

There is a canvas equivalent available but the Ryebuck Lite and its polyester material make life easier for those packing light.


At 4.2kg’s this may well be a worthy accessory for your camping kit.

The Ryebuck Lite has a RRP of $329.99 and is available now from all good outdoor and camping stores.