CES is the largest consumer electronics trade show in the world, and in 2017 the show celebrates 50 years with another jam packed show and EFTM is in Las Vegas to cover all the relevant news.

What to expect

The thing about CES in the modern era is there is no longer a need for companies to hold out major product announcements until this show, instead there are huge announcements all year and a 24 hour news cycle means media outlets and websites are looking for news and information all the time.

With innovations like the VCR, HDTV and 3D TV revealed at CES over the fifty year history of the event there’s no doubting the importance of CES, but in 2017 it’s more about putting your best foot forward and trying to get some of the limelight with incremental technological advances rather than flat out new products some times.

So, what do we think you’ll see at CES 2017:


Sure there will be some talk of 8K as there has been at some shows now for over 12 months, there’s even some chance a company like Hisense might bring an 8K screen to Australia. However, it’s not a real consumer product – it’s one of the “we did it first” style to show how great something is.

Most likely the advances in TVs will be more use and talk of Quantum dot technology to improve the colour range and brightness, while also possibly seeing more manufacturers move toward OLED for their premium TVs.

Whatever the case, they will be better than last year, but not a reason for you to sweat if you’ve just shelled out for a new one.


With so much money being spent on speakers from the simple portable to the home theatre style, it’s a real battle to win the brand war on sound. While Sonos and Bose had the early jump, Samsung, Panasonic, LG and many many more are really keen to ensure they have product in every price point and category from Bluetooth to multi-room audio. Expect a lot of speakers. Lots.


We’ll see the big guys like DJI talking up their current range, while some serious focus will be on GoPro with their shocking Karma drone launch still causing headaches.

EHang made a scene last year with the personal transport drone – one you ride in, and could take that a step further with news of real-world trials.

Otherwise, lots more small, simple, and the large and advanced drones as well as a stack of “selfie drones” which are all the rage right now.


Perhaps my favourite part of the show are the fun things. From the iPotty all those years ago to the smart sensors for the fridge or the snoring pillow, there are some weird, whacky and downright fantastic ideas out there.

This year we’re expecting innovations in headphones, toothbrushes and even umbrellas – so stay tuned!


Your standard WiFi network is crap. Compared to a mesh network. Brought to consumers in Australia first by Netgear with the ORBI there’s going to be lots more of this. Quality simple products that just work, and just make your WiFi sing.

Internet Of Things

Perhaps under-rated, but the Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere. There’s likely to be more IoT products than any other category, just split across so many primary categories that they are hard to count.

Your fridge is connected, as are your lights, cameras, doors, windows, pot-plants and wearables, there’s no stopping it. We can’t wait to see what’s next

Cars, high-tech cars

Perhaps little appreciated, this show is enormous for car companies. Audi, Toyota, Nissan, VW, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Hyundai just to name those on the top of my head. These companies are battling to show they are ready for the revolution, they are ready for the high-tech car and they are ready for the autonomous car.

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