Add 4 USB ports to your iMac without taking up any desk space

Mobee is a company who makes accessories for the Mac that really fit the look and style of the Apple design, with things like chargers for keyboards your mouse and a bunch of great cables.  This year at CES I saw a great little gadget that adds four USB ports to your iMac without using a millimetre of desk space.


It’s called the Magic Hub, and iMac users will follow what I’m staying here – it goes into the hole in your iMac stand.

Put simply, it fills that hole, adds USB ports on the side, and has the final few cm of power cable for the iMac, with the normal power cord going into the back of the Magic Hub.


Pure genius really.

The four standard USB ports is simply not enough for the iMac, so here’s the best solution I’ve seen for a clutter free expansion.


It’s still awaiting Australian certification (as it essentially becomes the power supply for your iMac) but should be available later this year via distributors MacGear.

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