At CES in Las Vegas it can be easy to look past the little strokes of genius when you’re only hearing about a wallpaper thin television. On the show floor this week we came across a fashionable range of headphones but with a bit of smarts thrown in too.

Called Wraps, these headphones are designed to be wrapped around your wrist when not in use. This is possible for two reasons; they look good wrapped around your wrist and there is a small plug that prevents them from coming loose.


We found them on the Myer website to confirm they’re sold in Australia and they’re less than $40 a pair. They have varying prices because some are very simple in materials and some are leather, wooden etc. The pair we liked the most was a brown leather which looked like Indiana Jones’ good old whip.

They sound rather good, still have the built-in mic and play/pause/answer/end button. It isn’t often we can say this at CES but they are available right now in Australia. It does happen sometimes!