If you haven’t already noticed, the hot summer trend in Australia is crazy big inflatables in the pool – from Swans to Flamingos they are all the rage and now Microsoft is getting in on the act with a huge giveaway.

MSStoreInflatableXOC_Web (15)

Huge in two ways, $10,000 worth of inflatables and the inflatable itself is huge.

MSStoreInflatableXOC_Web (10)

It’s a giant Microsoft Xbox controller and they have 200 to give away.

MSStoreInflatableXOC_Web (19)

To enter you need to head to the Microsoft Store Facebook page and click LIKE, plus tap out in 25 words or less your ideal Australia Day.

MSStoreInflatableXOC_Web (5)

Pretty cool stuff, and don’t tell me you don’t want one!