Ever wondered why your mobile phone battery just won’t cut it for a full day’s use?  It’s not just because the phone itself has a crappy battery – it’s because you’re using it so much!  Huawei has done some research and found that on Average Aussie’s spend the equivalent of 38 days a year on their mobile phones!  That’s 2.5 hours per day.

And fellas, if you thought your wife was on Instagram a bit – TICK!  Among Australian women that time increases to over 3 hours per day, though blokes seem more tied to our phones – with 74 percent saying their had their phone within reach throughout the day, compared to 60 percent of women.

Get this, one in ten Aussies admitted using their phones in the most private of situations – such as during “private time” with their partner.  Let’s all read what we want into that.


Unsurprisingly given the recent improvement in on-device tracking, 46 percent of Aussies track their fitness routines and goals on their phones, while 36 percent would be willing to share this with friends, though 1 in 3 admitted embellishing the truth on that front at some point:)

Worried about how you look?  Don’t be – 3 in 5 Aussies under 30 admit to having taken a selfie to check their look!  And the most self-conscious among us are the Victorians with 53% taking the “check yourself” Selfie, followed by WA (50%) and NSW (48%).

Got something to hide?   It’s likely on your phone – 70 percent of those responding to the survey admitted to storing embarrassing info on their phone that they would prefer to keep to themselves!

Huawei did this research to get a sense of what drove our mobile usage, and what frustrates us – one in two users were unhappy with their phone’s battery life, and 42 percent said it was a key feature to look at when choosing a mobile phone – second only to the actual deal on pricing and plan.

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This validate’s what Huawei have done with the Mate 9 – a 4000mAh battery on board is enormous, and in our testing so far it’s the best all-day battery we’ve had, with a solid day and a half in most cases.

Another one for the ladies, 37 percent of women are likely to consider camera quality when choosing a phone, just 18 percent of men would do the same.  The camera on the Mate 9 is sensational – a second generation Leica camera improves on the already impressive P9 – our full review soon.

The Huawei Mate 9’s launches today on plans at Optus & Vodafone while JB Hifi and Harvey Norman are selling it outright at $999.