For $40 you can buy a portable battery that will charge your phone once or twice.  You might also be able to pickup a MicroSD card reader for under $40.   Have a think about the types of things that cost $40 and how many of them you might buy to keep you connected on a day away.

Now take a look at this.

It’s a non branded product from a US guy who just wanted all these features in one, so he went out and made it.

This little SmartCard, available in Australia through SimTech does a LOT. Here’s just what I can think of:

  • Charging Cable, so you can connect to power or laptop and charge your device
  • Portable Battery with built in cable for your device.
  • LED light for seeing where the keyhole is in the dark
  • MicroSD Card reader
  • 8GB portable hard drive for your PC

All in the size of a credit card.  Thickness wise its about 5 credit cards stacked on top of each other but it’s still impressive.

There’s two cables that are tucked into the sides, one for USB one for MicroUSB and there’s a lightning adaptor to put onto the MicroUSB.

It’s nifty as all hell, that’s for sure.

Is it top quality – no, is it the kind of product worth having in your travel bag for emergencies – damn straight.

Great idea.  Fun product.

Smartcard – $39.95 – Available from SimTech