Tesla Powerwall & Solar installation saves Aussie Family over $2,000 in one year.

If you’re the first family in Australia to install a Tesla Powerwall you’re also the first family that can speak to the annual savings you’re getting from the combination of Solar Panels and the Tesla home battery solution.

Natural Solar customers the Pfitzner family had a power bill of $2,289.17 in 2015 – their bill in 2016 was just $178.71.

In the October quarter the family made a profit – $50.25 compared to the previous year for the same period at $496.93.

Essentially, they’re powering their home for 50 cents per day!

We all know power bill seem to be going up and up and up, so why not consider the benefits of Solar?

The main issue for people is the up front cost.  I requested an “instant quote” for Solar and a Powerwall 2 (the larger capacity Tesla Battery just launched) and it looks just shy of $17,000.

Now on a saving to the scale of the Pfitzner family, that up front investment would be repaid in just under nine years.  Who has the money to do that up front?

Staggering savings for a Sydney family with 5kWp of solar panels, an inverter and the Tesla Powerwall.  For the Pfitzner’s a return on investment of just six years – much less than the 20 we heard when the Powerwall was first announced.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. mrEdge

    February 23, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    Most of the saving are because the family changed electricity retailers and now they pay HALF what they were for electricity in 2015. Next biggest benefit comes from installing solar panels and using most of what they generate on site. Finally, the most expensive and smallest saving contributor (less than a dollar of savings a day) is the Powerwall. At ~$10,000 the payback for this part of the install will take them 25 years to recoup, which means never (expected lifetime of a Powerwall is closer to 10 years).

    So the best advice for Australians already on the grid?
    Get solar panels.
    Change electricity retailer.
    Don’t get batteries (at least, not yet).

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