Valentines Day is one of those frustrating days of the year, there is social pressure to ensure your loved one doesn’t feel left out. It’s like everyone is having a birthday that day and expects to have something to post on Instagram. Interestingly, research by Square has revealed that blokes spend more money on Mother’s Day than on Valentines Day. Furthermore, we’re pretty unorganised when it comes to being gift ready. This guide itself is a little late but feel free to save it for birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries.


Planning a holiday for you and your loved one to go on will be stressful and a massive risk if it isn’t planned together. So, buy him or her some new luggage bags. Promise that you’ll use them for a future holiday and start planning something. Maybe fill the bag with travel brochures to get the conversation going.

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We’ve found some manly and more feminine bags from Victorinox that we like, mostly because they’ll be hard as nails when it comes to the crimes that baggage handlers commit while they’re in transit. She’ll thank you for getting the GHD to the holiday in one piece.

The Spectra 2.0 range starts at $1,020 while the Etherius range starts at $519.


Summer is still around and these little items will be used and seen regularly. We’ve written before about why cheap sunnies will send you blind and even a guide to finding the right pair to suit the face shapes. This will be a good start for your research. To potentially save you some time we found some great pairs from Maui Jim which won’t cost the earth and will keep your loved ones eyes in healthy shape.

Red Stripe - Side

The Mannikin style pictured will set you back $299 and comes in a variety of colours.


You might remember Mike Goldman from the voice of Big Brother on TV. Mike has chimed in with suggestions also and found a great bracelet, it’s Italian made from Sterling Silver, comes in a range of colours which look great together on individually and won’t cost you much. also have a 30 day returns policy, two year warranty and gift wrapping.

The Italian S/S popcorn link bracelet with 4 colour choices costs $49.95

Go Hairless

I know… I know. Some ladies would prefer your chest doesn’t have a smothering of hair on it. Or your back… etc. Surprise your loved one by removing the hair as a surprise.

Nads for Men have a new cream that you rub in, wait, and wash the hair off. It could be a huge surprise with amazing benefits. Plus, it’ll cost you less than $20 to get the job done.

Knife Upgrade

Now this may seem like a bad joke but believe me, whether you or your loved one is doing the cooking, everyone will benefit from a better set of knives. The sharper the blade, the quicker the cut, the time saved, the less risk of injury. Pair some knives with a recipe book and plan to stay in on Valentines Day and cook up dinner together.


We’ve been testing the new range from Swiss Diamond and the blades are absolute quality, the materials are premium and they will last your entire relationship, and the next.

Prices for the range of Swiss Diamond knives are from $79.95

Rain Protection

I don’t care what anyone says, an umbrella is a good gift. You’ll thank the person everytime it keeps you dry, you’ll be happier walking in the rain and if it looks good then even better. The problem with umbrellas though is that the wind blows too hard and they flip open, they break, they end up in the trash, we hate whoever gave us a cheapo umbrella.


Blunt make and sell some seriously strong umbrellas, they come in a variety of colours and they basically dare you to push their limits. This one won’t let your loved one down and will be her new best friend that keeps her dry.

Blunt umbrellas start at $89.95