Here’s one for the data nerds, coding nerds, map nerds, transport nerds and all round lovers of amazing things on the internet.  Sydney programmer and all round data genius Ken Tsang has created a real-time map of Sydney’s transport system.

We don’t just mean the latest map of where trains go, we’re saying this map shows you in real time where every Bus, Train, Light Rail Carriage and Ferry on the Sydney public transport network is at this moment.

And don’t think for a second it’s anything other than downright fascinating.

Thanks to Transport for NSW’s “Open Data” project, Ken has plugged into the real-time data which is transmitted from every one of the public transport vehicles and put it on a map!

You can choose to see just trains, or just ferries, or just the buses but I tell you what when you see them all on the screen at once you realise how much activity there is.

The Map is in Alpha mode, which means it’s a really early test version.

He has created online versions of the station info signs as well and all of this could lead to a neat little app that shows you your nearest public transport in an instant.

The same data being used by Ken Tsang is used by apps like Trip Advisor to let you know if your bus or train are on time and how far away they are.

Very cool stuff, can’t wait to see what develops from it.

Web: AnyTrip