70 years ago this week Enzo Ferrari first fired up the 125 S, which was the first car to carry his name.  Driving through Maranello as all new Ferrari’s do today, it’s an iconic thought, and something very Italian, and truely at the heart of automotive history.

To mark this historic moment, Ferrari have launched a brand new car – and we’ve decided to look at the best Ferrari’s of all time.

Ferrari’s most loyal clients will be offered (and have already snapped up) the limited edition LaFerrari Aperta.  A special series model of the LaFerrari which is also the spider version of the spectacular LaFerrari.

Imagine open-top cruising in the hybrid V12 beast.

To celebrate, we thought we’d consider which are the best of all time?  Now I love Ferrari, but not as much as many others.  My true love would be the F40, and there’s something very very special about the older classic models too.

So, I’ve asked EFTM’s Ferrari NUT Geoff Quattromani for his top 5

#5 – 430 spider

#4 – 250 GTO

#3 – Testarossa

#2 – F40

#1 – 458 (Hold’s a special place in his heart, because he’s driven it)

Who the hell is Geoff Quattromani anyway?  For a real check on the best of the best, we asked Ferrari Australasia CEO Herbert Appleroth for his top 5:


Here’s Herbert’s list:

#5 – 458 Speciale

#4 – 250 Testa Rossa

#3 – La Ferrari Aperta

#2 – F40LM

#1 – 250GT SWB California Spider

For a stroll down memory lane, here’s some of the key moments in Ferrari History:

1947    – Ferrari is founded

1950    – Ferrari makes F1 debut

1958    – Mike Hawthorn becomes F1 World Champion in a Ferrari 246 F1

1962    – Unveiling of the 250 GTO, winner of the International Championship for GT Manufacturers in 1962, 1963 and 1964

1964    – John Surtees becomes Formula 1 World Champion with the 158 F1

1967    – Three Ferraris – two 330 P4s and a 412 P –deliver a spectacular 1-2-3 parade finish in the 24 Hours of Daytona

1968    – The 365 GTB4 (Daytona) is unveiled at the Paris Motor Show

1969    – Fiat becomes a Ferrari shareholder

1972    – The Fiorano Circuit, Ferrari’s test track, is officially opened 

1975    – Niki Lauda takes the Formula 1 World Champion title in the 312 T

1981    – Gilles Villeneuve delivers first ever victory in a turbocharged F1 car in the 126 K at Monaco 

1984    – The Ferrari Testarossa is unveiled at the Paris Motor Show

1987    – The F40 debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show

1988    – 14 August: Enzo Ferrari passes away at the age of 90

1993    – The marque’s first single-make championship, the Ferrari Challenge, is launched

1998    – The new Renzo Piano-designed GES Wind Tunnel opens

2004    – Ferrari sets a new F1 record of 6 Constructors’ and 5 Drivers’ World titles in a row 

2006    – The exclusive XX programme, designed to deliver extreme performance to top clients, debuts 

2007    – Kimi Räikkönen and the Scuderia Ferrari are World Champions

2013    – The Cavallino Rampante’s first hybrid model, the LaFerrari, goes into production

2015    – Ferrari is listed on the New York stock exchange 

2016    – The LaFerrari Aperta, an iconic model celebrating the marque’s 70th anniversary, is launched at the Paris Motor Show

2017    – The latest addition to the Ferrari family, the 812 Superfast, debuts at Geneva.