Fox Sports has announced a 24 hour a day Australian Grand Prix channel for the entire week leading up to the opening race of the F1 season.

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Sitting in the same slot familiar to F1 viewers – channel 506, the HD channel will feature every single practice, qualifying session and of course the race over the weekend.

During the week when track action is yet to get underway and between sessions, the channel will also feature classic races and reviews of recent seasons.

This is similar to what Fox Sports did with Bathurst last year, and it was a great success – turn on any time you want and see either live action or classic races – a real hit with fans and F1 will be no different.

Fox Sports Australian Grand Prix channel kicks off on Monday March 20, and continues right through until the race on Sunday.

Oh, and before you complain, yes, they’re probably going to do the picture-in-picture advertising during the race again thanks to their deal with Channel Ten – but remember folks, that deal is what got Fox Sports ever Grand Prix live and in HD – so don’t complain.