There are recipes online about how to make an espresso martini, including margaritas. With that said though, it isn’t easy and generally you’ll have to visit a bar to get it made to taste just right. Amazingly not anymore, and not in the fashion you’d expect.

Melbourne Martini is producing single serve cocktails available in jars. Yep, Espresso Martini in a jar, Tequila Margarita in a jar and Salted Caramel Espresso Martini in a jar. Preparing these cocktails is as simple is putting them in the fridge, shaking before serving and… drinking. You can drink straight from the jar in a really hipster fashion or pour them into cocktail/martini glasses for the real deal. You’ll fool all your guests into thinking you’re a pro.

We’ve tasted the range, for research purposes and we were very surprised.

The original Espresso Martini: This had a great coffee flavour and the alcohol content rather noticeable. You’re definitely having a cocktail here but you’ll enjoy the coffee flavour to balance it out. One serving suggestion if the alcohol seems to strong would be to pour it over some vanilla ice-cream like a spiked dessert.

The Salted Caramel Espresso Martini: A really nice twist on the original version adding in some subtle notes of, well, salted caramel. This was easier to enjoy on its own without the need for the ice-cream etc.

The Tommy Tequila Margarita: A totally different cocktail in their range, which makes sense for non coffee drinkers. This is uber sweet and almost Limoncello like. It has fantastic citrus, lemon flavours and the alcohol spike isn’t hard to swallow. We liked this over crushed ice, blended if you need.

The flavours can be bought individually, in a four pack or in a case. The pricing is not bad either at $9.99, $38.99 and $209.99 respectively. They’re perfect for parties when beer and wine just isn’t enough. They’re easy to keep stored for chilling and serving later too. We have found simple cocktail recipes before but none as simple as this and as well put together. If you haven’t noticed by now, we give Melbourne Martini two thumbs up for their products, bloody well done.