That’s not a data plan – THIS is a data plan.  Optus have today announced a new range of premium data plans offering up to 100GB of data!

Yep, that’s Gigabytes! 100 of them.

Sure the cost is $160, but if mobile is your life, and you’re pushing the limits of your current plan, that’s pretty bloody impressive.

When you consider the $100 per month plan gets you just 15GB the overall value per Gigabyte is quite amazing.

In addition, the $160 and $130 plans ($130 gets you 30GB per month) offer free calls and texts when roaming in Optus’ “Zone 1 Countries”.

And, when roaming there is a little bit of data too.

Tim Cowan, Vice President of Mobile Product at Optus, said, “These new plans continue Optus’ mission to provide the best possible value for our customers. We were the first to launch plans that removed excess data fees. Then we made it easier for customers to get their entertainment fix without using their data. Now, we’re raising the stakes again by giving customers even more value – more data, more roaming and data-free entertainment.”

“We’ve also introduced a new Premium $160 and $130 My Plan Business plan for our SMB customers so they can take advantage of the massive data allowances and great range of included features, specifically tailored to suit the needs of a small business.”

In an effort to win favour with the big spending business customers, Optus is also allowing a fast-track to customer support for those on the $160 plans.

This is all in addition to data free iHeart Radio, Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, Netflix, Stan and Optus’ English Premier League coverage.