In the days and weeks following Steve Jobs tragic death in October 2011 many were quick to ask the question “Can Apple Survive without Steve Jobs”, and plenty thought it would not. Today, Apple is reaching all new highs in its share value making it more valuable than ever before.

Now let me make this very clear, I’m no finance reporter, in fact, I think the stock market is some sort of black magic – or it’s rigged, I’ve got no idea:)

But, as an observer of many companies – the Tech companies – I find the recent movement in Apple’s share price something very very interesting.

Despite the nay-sayers in 2011 and over many years since, Apple’s share price has soared past $140 around 30% up on this time last year – and while the iPhone 7 was successful, it is by no means Apple’s most successful product – the share price is going up because of market expectations.

The market expects something big from Sir Jony Ive and the team designing the next iPhone. They expect something sensational from the iPhone team and under Tim Cook’s leadership. I’m sure it’s not a measure Tim would want, but since Steve’s passing the company has grown in value almost 150%.

All-time Apple Share price graph

This puts Apple well on top as the most valuable company, with a market capitalisation of over $750 Billion.

And that’s great for Apple employees too – under the Employee Stock Purchase Plan, they are entitled to salary sacrifice purchases of Apple shares at deductions from market rates, and no doubt many would hold those very shares.

All-time Alphabet Share price graph

Apple’s value puts it a long way ahead of Alphabet (the newly named Google Parent company) at $578 Billion, and Microsoft at $510 Billion.

All-time Microsoft Share price graph

Amazon and Facebook are the next big tech giants at $428 Billion and $409 Billion respectively.

All-time Amazon Share price graph

All-time Facebook Share price graph

Things are doing well, and even if the price goes through another set of downs and ups you’d be a brave man to bet against Apple wouldn’t you?