IKEA want to save you money and help save the environment – at least that’s the plan if we all use rechargeable batteries in our homes.

Think about the number of AA and AAA batteries you’re churning through every year – now consider that you don’t need to buy them again, just recharge them when they go flat.

Far from a new concept, it’s just a bit more mainstream when IKEA are doing it and doing it at a pretty affordable rate too.

Because a rechargeable battery can be recharged 1500 times, just one battery saves 1500 going into landfill – simple maths, and IKEA reckon the average family could save $298 per year by using rechargeable batteries.

The new LADDA batteries cost $4.49 for a pack of four, and the VINNINGE portable charger cost just $4.  Honestly, that’s insane.

And it’s no simple cheapo thing either, the recharger has a USB connection so you can charge the batteries on the go.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can buy the STORHÖGEN charger which can disguise as a book or be hung from the wall – and you can keep your batteries there on charge – twelve on them – so you are never short of a ready to go battery.

IKEA Australia Home Furnishing Expert Helen Longford says “Our customers told us that they find lots of challenges with using rechargeable batteries, such as that they are never charged when needed and require bulky charging stations. People also find them too costly. Our new batteries and charging devices were designed to address some of these issues, offering an affordable solution that makes the process simpler.”

“At IKEA we believe that sustainability shouldn’t be a luxury and we design our products so that they are affordable for everyone and we also want to help our customers live a more sustainable life at home by providing solutions that make this easy. By buying just one rechargeable battery you could save up to 1500 batteries from landfill. This is a really small change that anyone can make in their home to reduce waste and help prevent batteries from ending up in landfill,”