It’s just over a week or so since the #PutOutYourBats idea went viral, and went global. It was a way for any person to share and express their feelings after the death of Philip Hughes. Today, as Sydney is gripped with concern for the people being held against their will at a cafe in the city, another idea has helped focus the nation on uniting itself not encouraging hatred.

Imagine the feelings of the of Muslim woman, the eyes of many extreme Australian’s focussed on her as they look to react to this incident which has brought Australia’s largest city to a standstill. Those feelings were shared and addressed in a Facebook post shared on Twitter:

Tessa saw this – retweeted it, and then jumped on board with an idea that just continues to snowball:

In just a few short hours, the number of tweets being sent with the hashtag #illridewithyou is well beyond 15,000. And the feeling is sensational.

We’re united against this single individual who has taken this action today, and we are united in our support of our Australian brothers, sisters, neighbours, friends and strangers on the trains and buses around us.

God love you Australia, what an outstanding idea.

Well done Tessa.