Today a new game has hit the iOS and Android store, it’s the coming together of all things Chuck Norris, Non-Stop Chuck Norris. The game is almost as you would expect, you’re Chuck Norris, you run at impeccable speed at your opponents, always outnumbered but always being the number that survives; number 1.

Through the game you unlock more weapons and utilities to equip to Chuck Norris. Some include a selfie-stick, a chainsaw (which is used like a bat and not to cut people!), a skateboard, even a rifle – again used like a bat because Chuck can swing the rifle faster than a bullet can fly.

Other cool bits to unlock are new moves, starting out with the obvious roundhouse kick is fantastic for taking on opponents but unlocking the Chuck Norris shadow basically doubles your ability, the Chuck Norris Push-Up or even the Chuck Norris Beard, don’t mess with the beard. You’ll equip new outfits, including the yellow jumpsuit from Kill Bill and the Horse Head mask, because why not.

Throughout the game you’ll see fantastic Chuck Norris quotes and comments that you must read in his voice to understand them, you’ll face larger enemies known as bosses and the game just keeps bringing surprises. So, how is that weekend schedule looking for you now?

Download the game here