Living past the age of 12 means that us blokes will be getting hair in areas that aren’t just covered by an Akubra. Our ears sprout hair on the inside and outside, our nostrils fill up, our eyebrows get wild, our chin, neck, lips and cheeks join the hair growing party and that’s just above the shoulders!

We start life by shaving with a razor, keeping that fluff off the upper lip and eventually we seek more tools to maintain… other areas. Many will buy multiple devices as they change styles, areas etc, but Braun has sought to provide one device with nine attachments.

Designed to handle, facial, body and head hair, the Braun all in one head to toe trimming kit is your one stop shop. The attachments in the box are vast, they’re easy to pop on and off the body and can all be rinsed or brushed clean. The package also includes a Gillette Fusion ProGlide so you can literally go from bald to trimming in this at all levels, almost in 1 mm increments. Maintaining every hair on your body in whatever way you choose is possible right out of the box. If you’re a bearded fellow, the trimmer attachments are plentiful with adjustment options for each, it couldn’t be easier.

We’ve tested a number of attachments to get ourselves neat and tidy and were impressed with how easy the device is to use but also how handy it is to just have one device for everything. The eyebrows are neater, the nose is clear, the ears look sharper and yadda yadda yadda, the Braun chewed through it all.

Running on battery power the Braun did rather well, charging is simple and keeping it all maintained is easy. This is a grooming kit for dummies that just works and gets the job done with ease. For $99 we’re not looking elsewhere for grooming solutions.