Look, this is a pretty loose show this week. Trev explains what’s new about the iPhone 11 and Bowen is filthy about the changes to his current phone with iOS 13 and pitches up for a new iPhone 11.

The Telsa vs Porsche drama with Elon sending a less than production ready Model S to break the Taycan’s record around the ring. Hyundai have invested in Car Next Door – they seem to be going from strength to strength we discuss how it works and why.

Toilet time with the Lifestyler and it’s a bit dirty to be honest. How much money is too much money? Alan Joyce is doing ok – and good on him, but what would you do with that much cash??? Water Water everywhere, and Bowen has a plan to capture it – but is it just all a bit crazy? And Vegans, don’t get us started.

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