After touting the imminent launch of their own “can I fly there” app – CASA created a bit of interest in just how they would translate regulations in place into an easy to use one stop app for drone owners. Turns out, they’ve nailed it.

Working with Drone Compiler, who have their own advanced app for drone pilots, CASA have today released the app for both Android and iOS and without question its the clearest indicator of flight rules yet.

Download, and simply using your GPS you’ll get an immediate response to the question you’re asking : Can I fly here?

But, the great news is, not only do you get a very clear yes or no answer, but the yes has a sliding scale – allowing you to adapt to the specific conditions of your location.

Some areas are just simply off limits.

Others are completely safe to fly in.

But where you might be near the edge of a flight zone, or on the approach to an airport you may see indications of a height restriction lower than the standard 120meters.

This clear written advice on screen will mean no grey areas if the authorities come calling.

Of course, there’s still the other standard rules you must take into account. This app is only for checking the first rule of not flying near an airport. You still need to keep away from buildings, not fly over populated areas or sports grounds and keep away from roads, cars and boats.

All the rules are listed in the app, as well as links to CASA’s online guidelines around drones.

Great work, easy to use, download it now.

Download: Google Play : iOS App Store : Web App