The first time I listened to music through a set of Grado headphones I was impressed – not just impressed, blown away. So much so we awarded them our Best Sound award in 2015.  But if you really want to step things up a touch, they’ve got something very new for you to hear.

This small family business out of Brooklyn in New York hand makes every set of headphones, and it’s that craftmanship – refined over sixty years that gives a quality of product and of sound.

The P2000e’s have a redesigned diaphragm to more accurately render the signal into music and they’ve created a metal hybrid design that has the classic Grado look with a modern twist.

But get this – they describe the sound this way: “if the artist performed it, and the engineer captured it on the recording, you will hear it” – that’s a pretty solid and simple description.

You’re going to want some Hi-Res audio here though, to justify the pricetag – at $3,499 they’re actually a better price than the exchange rate alone would allow for.

Available from Addicted to Audio, I wish I could have a listen, but I know I could never hand them back.