If you thought your office printer was smart because it has swipe card access, and allows you to email your print jobs from anywhere – think again, Toshiba have released a corporate office printer that can not only print from your phone, but it prints erasable ink!

That’s right, the Toshiba e-STUDIO4508LP (complex name huh!) can print two types of content. Firstly, of course it can print black ink and that’s just like normal.

However, if you choose it, this beast can print a special blue ink (Blue only so you know its the special ink), which is erasable!

Reuse, Recycle – the paper free office of the future is still some way off, so why not get people to re-use the paper they print on.

You can print and erase up to five times on each sheet of paper!

Bret Davies, General Manager Toshiba Australia and New Zealand, Toshiba Electronic Imaging Division says “Toshiba has recognised that staff are more environmentally conscious, but with productivity pressures, need to be able to print quickly and effortlessly without the need to be away from their desks for too long. Combining the erasable printing technology into one device makes this unique technology more accessible to businesses and gives users time saving benefits, particularly in smaller offices that often have space constraints.”

Pretty cool stuff – the office of today not just the future.