In January at CES in Las Vegas, we came across seven picture frames on the wall and the Samsung representative asked me if anything looked “different”. All seven were of different sizes and in each frame held different art works. I drew a blank. We then looked closer at the largest and realised it was actually a TV panel. Without the insane brightness of a TV you’d expect, Samsung have found a way to power your TV just enough that displaying art looks real and will absolutely fool you.

This photo we took at CES doesn’t do The Frame justice, it looks obvious through a camera lens

The Samsung Frame comes in two sizes, 55 and 65 inch, and mounts onto your wall within a beautiful picture frame. The frame is available in Charcoal, White, Oak and Walnut to ensure if suits your decor. When your TV is not being used to binging House of Cards, it can display curated art work which would normally be a big black rectangle.

This is a fantastic way to keep a room looking beautiful when you aren’t requiring entertainment from outside the house. Very often we just sitting with friends and family in the lounge room enjoying each others company, so why would we want an ugly black frame on the wall? This makes complete sense, especially when the art work is so beautiful. Samsung has worked with artists across the world to bring you over 100 pieces of sensational content for The Frame, including items from Aboriginal artist Sarrita King.

If you think your own photos are good enough, these can be used also. Perhaps a taking a photo of your children’s school art project and keeping it on The Frame would be something worth doing also.

The Samsung Frame in Art Mode will use a motion sensor so that in the evening when everyone is in bed, it will go to sleep entirely, when you’re at work, for example, there is no need for the Frame to display anything, when you come home though the TV will sense this and fill your room with art. Furthermore, the TV will detect the light in the room to ensure the image can be seen but not look too bright to add light to the room.

The Frame is still a 4K TV with HDR so when you want to watch content, it will look as good as you expect. Due to the frame around the screen, it can be wall mounted with zero gaps to the wall, the clear connection cable to the main hub also enables the simplest way to hide cabling without running wires through walls.

Artist Sarrita King standing with her Lightning art piece on the Samsung Frame

The Frame is coming to Australia in July for $3299 (55inch) and $4699 (65inch). RRP of the Customisable Frames are $299. Customisable Frames come in White, Beige Wood and Walnut in both 55” and 65”.

The Samsung Collection of 100 pieces of art is provided with The Frame. Additional content is available from the Art Store via a subscription for $5.99 per month per piece, or for a ‘one-off’ purchase fee of $24.99, or use your own 🙂