Today at CES Asia we found another way technology has gotten between the simple things in life. Using an ordinary umbrella is not a difficult task and requires us to push one button to deploy it. Packing is away usually involves us pulling the middle piece in and we’re done. Nope, apparently that was all too hard and a company has stepped in to resolve the non-issue.

There are a couple of options in this range from Beauty & Ease (don’t Google them, they’re no where to be found) in China. The first is not too insane for an umbrella modification and that is LED lights at the base which can be used as a torch with bright white light or just as a way of being seen with pulsing red lights.

The second model known as the Commander has a larger battery in the handle and with the single button can manage every movement in the umbrella, press once and it will extend and open. Press it again and it will close and retract. The umbrella does need to be recharged and can be done using a microUSB charger.

There is some neat technology in this handle to be capable of all of this in the umbrella, especially since the weight didn’t seem to be noticeable either. As mentioned earlier, we can’t find this product anywhere online and no one at the stand spoke english. We can only hope that the technology feeds into bigger brands if we actually want to buy one.