We’ve all been there, sleeping soundly and then a ringing noise enters the ear… bbzzzzzzzzzzzzz ahhh bzzzzzzzzzz. Sleep ruined, you’ve been bitten, you’ve bit hit with a mosquito bite and you’re stuck with it for a few days. The mosquito is so small you’ll struggle to find and kill it quickly and how do we manage to live on?

Outside most Aussie homes we hung a big bug zapper, it was a large blue light with an electrified cave that would go to town on Christmas beetles and anything else that came close to it. If you were having a BBQ, you would light the fire and flick on the bug zapper.

At CES Asia both of these situations are combining a little. A light bulb has been released which also has a small bug zapper built-in. Mainly geared for mosquitos but would kill anything else that touched it, this LED light means business. It can be used inside or outside and has multiple modes. It can be switched on for light, blue light and zap, or light, blue light and zap in one. Depending on the time of the evening you might want it all on or just one element. Available on models for indoors and outdoors the company behind Zapp Light have put a lot of thought into the use cases.

As someone who is loved by mosquitoes, this product is a must-have.

Zapplight is coming to Australia so keep an eye on their website for more information here