iBooks is one of Apple’s least appreciated products. The concept of an eBook is taken to the extreme by Apple with interactivity and rich multi-media content within an iBook all very possible. So, why not a series of books to teach you music? Welcome to Tuniversity!

I love Garage Band on the iPad? And I can play the intro to Sweet Child o’ mine and Thunderstruck on a rocking guitar.

How? YouTube. I watched and watched, and copied.

But do you think I actually understand music? Nope.

Tuniversity is a new education company, co-founded by Pharrell Williams, who despite is many hits and reasons to be famous, is most famous for one amazing song – Happy!

The iBook will set you back $6.99 and from the sample I’ve flicked through, goes into the utmost detail about every beat of the song.

From the lyrics, to the beat of a drum to the mixing of it all.

This is a chance to understand a song composition and potentially get started on your own work.

The whole song has been reverse-engineered and it’s a fascinating bit of work.

Available now on iBooks