Learn Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” on the iPad thanks to Tuniversity

iBooks is one of Apple’s least appreciated products.  The concept of an eBook is taken to the extreme by Apple with interactivity and rich multi-media content within an iBook all very possible.  So, why not a series of books to teach you music?  Welcome to Tuniversity!

I love Garage Band on the iPad? And I can play the intro to Sweet Child o’ mine and Thunderstruck on a rocking guitar.

How? YouTube.  I watched and watched, and copied.

But do you think I actually understand music?  Nope.

Tuniversity is a new education company, co-founded by Pharrell Williams, who despite is many hits and reasons to be famous, is most famous for one amazing song – Happy!

The iBook will set you back $6.99 and from the sample I’ve flicked through, goes into the utmost detail about every beat of the song.

From the lyrics, to the beat of a drum to the mixing of it all.

This is a chance to understand a song composition and potentially get started on your own work.

The whole song has been reverse-engineered and it’s a fascinating bit of work.

Available now on iBooks

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