Anyone following the growth in connected devices, Internet of things (IoT) and the Smart Home will have heard of Nest. Almost the original super smart home device. And it’s coming to Australia – with a big but though.

The company Nest is launching its products in Australia, but their most popular and well known product is not.

Nest became famous for their WiFi enabled Connected Smart Home IoT Thermometer. Wanna know why that makes no sense in Australia? Because firstly, we don’t call anything in our home heating and cooling a thermometer. We have a controller, yeah, but no thermostat.

Of course every Air Conditioning and heating system in Australia has a thermometer, Aussies just don’t refer to it that way. Plus, we’re actually much more advanced than the US. The bulk of our Ducted air systems are multi-zone, or split systems controlled by a remote. In both cases – Nest won’t work.

So – what the hell are they bringing to Australia? A bunch of amazing products that keep your home safe!

Nest Protect is a smoke alarm with a million bells and whistles. – For $189, you’re getting a vocal alert, and alerts to your phone if there’s any sign of danger. Plus, get this, if you’re just a bad cook – no need to run over and wave a newspaper at it – just quiet the alarm using your phone.

Secondly, Nest have a bunch of smart cameras. The Nest Cam Indoor ($319) and Outdoor ($319) allow you to keep an eye on things at home when you’re not there.

Both require mains power, but operate to the cloud via WiFi. They detect motion and sound and will send you alerts.

Internet based Security cameras are a booming market, and Nest is looking to capitalise on that.

There’s one other product Nest is selling – Nest Aware – $14, it gives your cloud surveillance smarter alerts from the cameras and a history of events seen. It also upgrades the cameras so they can tell a “person from a thing” or recognise the sound of a person talking or a dog barking with 30 days of continuous video stored in the cloud.

Maxime Veron, Nest’s Director of Product Marketing spoke at the Australian launch about the power Nest brings to the market“Nest is focused on creating a home that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it,”he said

“To date, Nest’s hardware, software and services have been available for purchase in just twelve markets, yet they’re used by millions of people in more than 190 countries. Today we’re excited to be entering our first market in Asia Pacific region through our partnership with iSelect.”

You read that right, not JB Hi-Fi, Not Harvey Norman, iSelect.

Now I’m not sure I knew iSelect sold stuff, but, they refer people to insurance and broadband and can probably market this to vast numbers fast.

They can also capitalise on a willing group of keen buyers – potentially up-selling them other products.

“Nest strives to create a home that is more thoughtful, reinventing unloved but important products to do more for you than you do for them, and this aligns perfectly with our mission to help Australians take care of their important Life Admin™,” said Scott Wilson, Managing Director & CEO of iSelect. “We are excited to offer the Nest products on our brand new eCommerce store from today, as well as help customers unlock additional value by bundling their new Nest purchase with exclusive offers from our range of insurance, utilities and personal finance partners.”