Today Samsung have announced the local availability of their premium soundbar, the MS750. This soundbar is a premium all in one home theatre device that drives simplicity and a great audio experience. Samsung have also chosen to match the Sonos Playbar and Playbase on pricing hitting the high $999 mark.

The Samsung MS750 does pack a lot of gear into a relatively small package. The soundbar has 11 speakers with two facing the ceiling. Some of the speakers are primarily woofers and the rest provide the sweet acoustics. The goal of the ceiling facing speakers is to add another dimension of sound to the room as the MS750 fills it with audio.

Carl Rose, Vice President of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics Australia said “The MS750 delivers an incredibly immersive quality of sound in a clean form factor that is easy to install and aesthetically pleasing, creating the perfect home entertainment experience for apartments and large homes alike”. With televisions getting thinner and audio becoming more of an issue, soundbars are starting to become mandatory.

The great thing with soundbars is that the market is dense and varied. Samsung themselves offer a wide range of soundbars starting from a modest $300 and now up to $999 so you can fit one in any budget. This high end market isn’t overly populated as Sonos has dominated it for some time. The app and ecosystem behind the Sonos is what makes their systems so good however when it comes to audio quality we are yet to truly compare. One immediate feature we see in the Samsung but not in Sonos is the addition of bluetooth and HDMI inputs, something many Sonos buyers have been asking for.

The Samsung MS750 will be on sale from early August at the usual retailers.