A little over a month ago I spoke to Aussie Broadband’s Managing Director Phillip Britt – his approach to customer service and customer satisfaction when it comes to NBN speeds was refreshing, and today he’s being blunt and honest with the other telcos in the market.

Yesterday, NBN CEO Bill Morrow put out a detailed statement addressing some of the concerns about pricing on the NBN.

The premise of his statement was that the NBN was a business, and it had to charge enough to recoup the taxpayer investment, while also reminding the market that in fact the much criticised “model” for pricing was developed by the original NBN team under the Labor government.

He also made suggestions that ISP’s were not doing enough to provide the best internet service to their customers.

Larger ISPs claim endlessly that the NBN pricing structure makes it hard to prevent congestion and provide ample bandwidth.

Phil Britt from Aussie Broadband was simple and blunt in his response: “That’s just bullshit”.

His point was simple  “If we can do it as a small ISP, they can certainly do it as well.  They’re just trying to deflect attention from their strategic choices not to provision more bandwidth.

“And in the end, it will be the customer’s choice about whether they want to pay a lower price for a congested product, or a higher price for a quality product.  It’s simple market economics.”

This is part of Aussie’s commitment to monitor and manage the bandwidth at each local point across Australia.

In reality, the big telcos are not addressing the demand in localised areas, instead approaching the NBN from a profit margin perspective instead of quality of service.  There’s a long way to go.

What these comments and those of Bill Morrow continue to hammer home is the need to shop around and consider other Internet providers when choosing your NBN service.