One of the ways the NBN cops a hammering in the media is through things that are so far out of their control it’s just not funny.. Stand by for another such example.

In 2017 you should be expecting cameras here there and everywhere, but it seems this installer didn’t notice the at least two cameras pointing at him.

Update: Original video has been removed from YouTube

Some of the people commenting think it’s harmless, others are outraged. The problem is, it’s not a great look.

The home owner states that there are public toilets around the corner and bushland 50m away at the end of the street.

Regardless, it’s actually a metaphor for most of the NBN’s problems right now – perception.

This bloke doesn’t work for the NBN – he’s probably a sub contractor for sub contractor, and as such, the NBN has nothing to say or do in this scenario, other than to follow up with their subcontractor and seek some assurances it won’t happen again.

But to the general public, he is the NBN, he works for the NBN and he did this on NBN time.

Unfortunately, when you’re installing cable into between 50,000 and 100,000 homes per week, there’s going to be a drongo somewhere who takes a leak in the garden.