Where there’s smoke there’s fire – or, there’s an App developer and graphic designer toying with the folks who are most keen on any slice of Apple device info (ie: me).

McDonalds sent an email to users of their MyMacca’s ordering app today, and it gave them a great discount offer.

Interesting thing is, the screenshots of the app used in the email are using a phone that is as yet unreleased – in fact, it’s not a real phone – that we know of.

It’s the much rumoured next iPhone – the iPhone Pro, iPhone Edition or iPhone X (it won’t be the iPhone 8).

The tell-tale signs are the screen going all the way to the sides and top, with a “notch” out of the top in the middle for the speaker, cameras and sensors.

Given the developer versions of iOS don’t hint at this design, it’s either one of those companies Apple have been working closely with on their new apps to showcase on stage (Fat chance, it’s just the Maccas ordering app folks), or more likely a savvy designer taking advantage of the hype and also just planning ahead.

Either way, let the tongues wag, and take a look – it’s an interesting insight into how the screen real estate can be used on this device.

Update: Maccas with a simplistic response:

Thanks for the tip Beau!