It may not be on the scale of Foxtel’s Game of Thrones streaming woes at the start of the most recent season, but English Premier League fans are up in arms after the Optus Sport app failed to load the live game streams tonight.

Subscribers are complaining on social media about the streams, either showing an unknown error or a constant loading icon.

The issue appears to be the mobile app streams, and there are also reports of the Apple TV app not working, though the streams themselves are working having checked them on Fetch TV.

It could be an authentication issue in the servers controlling the app, many users are reporting some app updates this week after some streaming issues last week.

Whatever the case, it’s yet another problem for the “future of sport” which many believe is streaming – it’s got to be faultless for it to replicate the reliability of broadcast.

If the messages on social media are anything to go by – Optus has some explaining to do.

Update:An Optus Spokesperson told EFTM:

Some Optus customers experienced difficulty accessing Optus Sport via mobile device, tablet and web browser intermittently for almost 90 minutes last night due to a technical issue with a managed platform by our third party vendor. Optus Sport via Fetch was not affected.

Technicians worked as quickly as possible to restore services. Investigations are underway to determine the cause.

We apologise to any customers affected.