Sony has announced three new noise cancelling headphones at IFA in Berlin creating a 1000X “family” of personal audio products that are head to head some of the best on the market.

A follow-on version of the outstanding MDR-1000X headphones (WH-1000XMK2) will come to Australia in early October for $499.95 with an even longer battery, while the Sony Noise Cancelling will now expand to a neck band set of WI-1000X will be priced at $449.95.

But the star of the show, the favourite child will no doubt be the in-ear headphones.

These tiny WF-1000X ear buds will hit Australia in early October for $399.95 and feature amazing noise cancelling – and frankly I’ve not seen that done well in such a small ear-bud.

They come in a carry case which doubles as a charger, and have an auto power-on function to make for ease of use.

Going 100% wireless with noise cancelling is something very new, I do worry about using them on a plane (good luck finding it if you lose it!), so I think they are ideal for the daily commute and a busy office.

We’ll have full reviews in the months ahead.

Trevor Long travelled to Berlin for EFTM with the support of our sponsors including Sony, Vodafone and Samsung. For full details of our commercial interests and disclosures click here.