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Tragically I get excessively excited over portable power banks. Why? Because on a good day my iPhone 6s is dead by midday. Sure, I’m a heavy user but seriously when is the day coming that a device like that can go the distance.

Anyway, rant over and back to power banks. I’ve owned a slew of them, mostly the smaller cheapo to middle of the range efforts that serve a purpose short term but eventually simply malfunction or prove not capable of suiting my needs.

Cygnett has a range that would make a great Father’s Day gift and given I now fall into that category I thought we’d look at some. I’ve been living with the ChargeUp Digital 10,000mAh Power Bank and lightweight ChargeUp Pocket 2,500mAh for a couple of weeks now. The ChargeUp Digital has proved a revelation. It holds enough charge to keep my phone running for around three days. A handy LED display indicates the power reserve from 100 percent to zero, so you’re never left guessing how much juice is left.

It’s so effective you could say it’s now an extension of the phone itself. The two USB ports also make it possible for the wife to tap into the charge and once empty the supplied micro-USB cable has it back to full after about four hours.

It’s smaller cousin the ChargeUp Pocket 2,500mAh also performs well but more for emergency top-ups rather than all day use. Additionally, it comes with an integrated soft-feel micro-USB cable and micro-USB to Lightening converter.

Cygnett uses the latest in Lithium Polymer battery technology when designing its power banks therefore, holding more charge and providing higher output.

The full range includes:

  • ChargeUp Ultra 20,000mAh Power Bank – RRP $129.00,
  • ChargeUp Digital 10,000mAh Power Bank – RRP $99.95
  • ChargeUp Digital 6,000mAh Power bank – RRP $69.95
  • ChargeUp Pocket 4,000mAh Power bank – RRP $59.95
  • ChargeUp Digital 4,000mAh Power bank lightning & Integrated Micro-USB cable– RRP $49.95
  • ChargeUp Pocket 2,500mAh Power bank with lightening – RRP $49.95
  • ChargeUp Pocket 4,000mAh Power Bank – RRP $39.95
  • ChargeUp Pocket 2,500mAh Power bank – RRP $29.95

So be it an iPhone, laptop, GoPro, portable speakers and even your Fitbit or Apple Watch these power banks are right up there with the best.  Visit and leading Australian retailers.

Chris is EFTM’s Motoring Editor, driving everything from your entry level hatch to the latest Luxury cars through to the Rolls Royce.

He has been in the media for 20 years, produced three Olympic games broadcasts, attending Beijing 2008 & London 2012.

Strangely he owns a Toyota Camry Hybrid, he defiantly rejects the knockers.

Chris is married to Gillian and resides in Sydney’s North West. They have Sam the English Springer Spaniel and Felix the Burmese cat to keep them company, and recently welcomed baby Henry to the family.



  1. Brian

    August 14, 2017 at 3:42 am

    Great article Geoff. Saw some nice 24,000mah models the other day not much bigger than this gem here. You know, rather than asking “when is the day coming when a device can go the distance” one should ask when is the day coming that Apple will equip their devices with removable batteries! Alas, even my fave Samsung has gone over to the dark side and is fitting non-removable batteries now since Galaxy Note 5. Is nothing sacred? Happily, the best of the last, my Galaxy Note 4 which I bought brand new yesterday(!) will see me for at least the next 5 years I’d say and not miss a beat or task through that time. It’s batteries can be swapped in 2 mins and I’m good to keep going wherever I am. Built in obsolescence of embedded batteries is something about which smartphone makers should hang their collective heads in shame. There’s no reason we can’t use something like a GalNote 5 or 8 for 10 years except that as soon as the battery dies in 4 years or less we have to toss it in the bin. Disgusting!

  2. Brian

    August 14, 2017 at 3:43 am

    Sorry Chris, just clicked with me you wrote this article, not Geoff. Blonde moment to be sure! – Brian.

    • Chris Bowen

      August 14, 2017 at 8:08 am

      Ha. No problem Brian. It’s actually a great point! I guess the phones are so complicated and sleek that having some kind of removable battery would hinder the overall look.

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