Aventador S Roadster: Take a moment, drool, then enjoy

As if the Aventador itself wasn’t enough, Lamborghini have introduced a new variant with a chopped roof and the wind in your hair – the Aventador S Roadster.

They say it combines the technology and dynamics of the coupe with open air driving pleasure, I get that, and hey, if you’ve got the $700,000+ to buy it, then you want to be seen right?

A throbbing V12 behind you, 740 horses at you right foot command propelling you from 0 to 100km/h in three seconds up to 350km/h tops.

“The new Aventador S Roadster sets new benchmarks in technology and performance on both road and track, with the roadster version adding a new dimension in driving enjoyment,” says Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Stefano Domenicali. “The Aventador S Roadster offers the thrill of open air driving without compromising on driving dynamics or the occupants’ comfort, and adds a further luxurious dimension through the personalization options available.”

Around the back, the rear lines are different to the coupe, meaning an all new aerodynamic “character”, with a mix of body colour, black painted carbon fibre and even a transparent option, there’ll not likely be two of these the same.

The hard-top roof panels are removable, weighing less than six kilograms, so don’t expect some push button roof here, it’s a pre-drive decision to go top up or top down.

If you’re one of the elite few, and you’ve got your order in – the first deliveries will be in February 2018 – otherwise, start saving folks:)

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