If you’ve ever asked the common question about your missing car/house keys then this product applies to you. If you have a bag which you travel with often then this bag is also for you. In fact, if there is an item that is important to you and needs to be found often then this product applies to you too.

Named the Tile for it’s appearance, it is a very light and small device that clips to your valuables. The battery inside it powers a bluetooth connection to your phone for up to one year. This connection works over a distance of 60 meters. The purpose here is to easily make the Tile “ring” from your smartphone whenever you need to find it.

The app on the smartphone will show you the last known location of your Tile (and connected item) and allows you to push a button to make it “ring”. It also works vice versa, if you can’t find your phone then double tap the Tile and your phone, even if it is on silent, will ring. Oh the Tile is also water resistant so there is some comfort in knowing that.

If you’ve lost the item connected to your Tile, and it isn’t in range of the bluetooth, then it can be reported as lost. This then silently informs the Tile community and suddenly anyone with the Tile app on their smartphone is “looking” for your Tile. This happens without anyone actively knowing but if they wonder past your Tile it will immediately notify you with a location on a map. This is incredibly handy for placing in your luggage when traveling overseas. A missing bag could be found quicker than the airlines. Trevor recently had an experience with some missing car keys here.

The Tile comes in a variety of designs to appeal to different people, at a cost of around $40 this could be a lifesaver but also a hassle free way of finding your items easily.