Owners of recent model LG TVs now have access to even more catch up TV without the addition of any extra boxes or cables, with Channel 9’s catch up app 9now available to install direct to the TV.

Available on LG Smart TVs running Web OS versions 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 you can put the 9Now app into your menu ribbon for direct access to 9 Content.

Web OS 2 has been around a couple of years, so if you’re running a 2016 or 2017 TV you’re certain to be covered, with most 2015 models also included.

“Nine is committed to creating great content and distributing it broadly. We’re excited to launch the 9Now experience on LG Smart TVs so more Australians can enjoy their favourite Nine shows anytime,” said Alex Parsons, Chief Digital Officer at Nine.

“At LG we are adamant about providing Australians with the very best in home entertainment and that’s why we’re thrilled to bring the 9Now app to our Smart TVs,” said Tony Brown, Home Entertainment Marketing Manager at LG Electronics Australia. “Our Smart TV owners will now have greater access to the content they know and love.”