There’s no doubting it.  Elon Musk is an outright genius.  That’s evident just from his eccentric ways and his almost insane vision. Today in Adelaide Elon Musk introduced his colonisation plans for Mars, the Moon and also his plan to revolutionise long distance transport here on earth.

That’s right – a lot to take in.

I’ll leave it to those much smarter than me to detail the whole plan, but essentially Space X has been testing, learning and practicing rocket science for a decade or more.  Nine years ago they had their first successful rocket launch.

Today, they have mastered the art of reusing their rockets with Space X rockets coming back to earth and landing – as opposed to “Crashing them every time” which Elon Musk describes as insane.

The vision for the future, a Big F&%king Rocket – genuinely called the BFR.  This beast will have the ability to go to Mars.

It will take off, then be refuelled, then make its way to Elon’s Mars colony.

He even thinks we should have a base on Moon.  Heck, we’ve been talking about that since I was a kid.

Space X plan to send a BFR to Mars in 2022 to begin the testing of the conditions, with a crewed mission to Mars in 2024.  Yep, 2024.

But in an Apple-like “one more thing” kind of moment, Elon revealed one other use for this amazing Rocket.  Long distance Earth transport.

Sydney to Singapore in 31 Minutes, anywhere on earth in under an hour.  You board at a sea dock somewhere in the world, fly into space then land at your destination.  A smooth ride once you’re in space because there’s no weather to create turbulence.

Ok, so a bit pie in the sky.  But fast forward 10 years and we’ll look back on this day as a huge change in many ways.  Multiplanetary life.  Short timeframe long distance trips.  The latter being a cunning commercial model to fund the whole Mars thing.

It’s out there baby, but bring it on.