There are multiple reasons why you’ll be in need of a bag in your life. Travel, work, hobbies, study and more. There are various styles, some gravitate towards a wheelie bag which is great for smooth airport surfaces and some prefer a backpack for mounting to the body for a close ride. We’ve been using the Thule Subterra Backpack 23L and been really enjoying it.


This backpack has dedicated pockets for everything, the Swedish think of everything. A pocket for your laptop up to 15inches, a pocket for your tablets and multiple smaller pockets for battery packs, phones and more. At the front is another pocket which seems ideal for sunglasses, passports, the smaller items for quick access. There is also a zipper at the front with direct access to the laptop rest area, so handy for quickly accessing your Mac. On the sides are pockets that can easily be used for holding a bottle.

The padded back is very soft and breathes nicely. The straps have multiple areas of adjustment to give you that ideal hug from the backpack. Also along the back is a strap for putting through the handle of larger travel luggage.

The quality materials on this backpack is seriously impressive. It doesn’t feel flimsy and the quality of the materials used flows right down to the zippers. Made of mostly nylon, this bag is tough, so much so that Thule includes a five year warranty on the product.

We’ve been using the Thule Subterra Backpack 23L for a couple of weeks now. Travelling to work, travelling to the radio station, packing for an overnighter, this bag is ready for it all. Not because of the build quality but because it looks the part in any situation. It is more expensive than many backpacks on the market at $199 but how many come with a five year guarantee and look this good?

More info: Thule website